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The Air Conditioning Company

We carry all major brands, makes, and models of refrigerated air and evaporative coolers with handy financing options available. With us, there’s no reason why you cannot upgrade your home air cooling system to one that is more efficient and more comfortable while saving power.


Our Services

We provide services for the full life-cycle of your equipment from install to maintenance to repair. We’ll be there to help you with your cooling and heating needs.


Upgrade your heating and cooling systems today. Free estimates on evaporative coolers and refrigerated air. Getting an installation done with a company that sticks around for your maintenance is a company that does it right! Ask about free central air estimates and our maintenance contracts.


Your evaporative coolers will last longer with routine service and maintenance. Save more on water and power charges when you install a more efficient home cooling system.


The Air Conditioning Company delivers prompt air conditioning repair and maintenance, making the business of getting comfortable more pleasant.

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“My Freus unit was installed back in 2013. The unit has been keeping my home cool all year long, especially during the high hot summer days. My electric bill has been low and consistent throughout the year that I don’t even notice it anymore. It has also been a plus having The Air Conditioning Company around to service my Freus, I truly like working with them.

Spencer McConnell – Las Cruces, NM

I had to buy a new air conditioner for my rental property; I did a lot of research when trying to decide which brand to buy. What led me to buy a Freus air conditioner for my rental home was the fact it has a low operating cost, would last for many years and would have an environmental impact. I came to like the Freus unit on my rental home so much I decided to get 2 Freus units installed in my own home!”

Scarlett Barbee – El Paso, TX 

“We have a very large home to cool. The Freus air conditioner has done a marvelous job and has been unbelievably inexpensive to maintain. We have 3 Freus units and thy have been working great.”

Richard Anderson – Las Cruces, NM

“We have had our Freus since 2011. Our electric bills have been low and the Freus has done more that meet our expectations. The Air Conditioning Company has also been professional and reliable with their preventative maintenance on my unit.

Ross Provencio – Anthony, NM

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Call Us: (575) 621-5388

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