What To Expect When Getting Your HVAC Replaced



Your HVAC unit is one of the most essential systems in your home. With that, we understand that having an HVAC unit replaced is the last thing homeowners want to worry about. But, when it comes down to it, homeowners should get in touch with a professional right away to get their heating and cooling working at their very best. If it is that time to get your HVAC unit replaced, you might be wondering what the process will be like, including the amount of time it will take and costs. We provide you with a brief rundown of what the HVAC replacement process calls for. 

Before going into an HVAC replacement project, you and the contractor will first discuss prices and rates. In order to provide figures, contractors will likely have to measure square footage and perform load calculations based on the size of your property. Shortly after, a contractor will recommend the size and type of HVAC unit that would best suit your home. With all of these factors, a contractor will then be able to provide a price. This is where you can discuss your budget and your goals with a new HVAC unit. 

Estimated Replacement Time 
Most HVAC replacement projects take up to a day, usually no more and no less. Although, more complex jobs or units can require more time. You should discuss how long the project may take with contractors so you can prepare ahead of time and make adjustments as needed. Going into an HVAC replacement, you should choose a time in your schedule where you will be able to meet contractors and be at home if necessary. 

Pre-Installation Process
Once estimates are completed, both you and the contractor will be ready to move on with the project. The crew will first protect your flooring by placing drop cloths or protective paper. After, the crew may ask you if it is okay to move furniture and household belongings around to ensure they are safe and out of the way. Some dust may be generated as a result of a new HVAC unit, but it is nothing to be concerned about. 

During Installation
Once the site is prepared, the crew will proceed by installing the new equipment to the manufacturer’s specifications. Depending on the type of unit you chose, the equipment may be installed both inside or outside of your home. If you do not want any equipment installed outside of your home, you should disclose this information with contractors before making any final purchases. 

Some components that will be installed include an air evaporator, outside compressor or condensing unit, new refrigerant supply lines, a new thermostat, condensate drain lines, and condensate pumps, if applicable. 

Other Repairs or Replacements May Be Required 
Depending on the condition of your current HVAC unit, contractors may have to conduct ductwork repair or replacement. For some projects, contractors cannot proceed with HVAC replacement without making repairs to the ductwork. While part of the crew works on ductwork repairs, other crewmembers will begin assembling the new equipment for your HVAC unit to get ahead on the project. 

During ductwork maintenance and repairs, you can expect crew members to be navigating through attics and crawl spaces to make the necessary modifications. As you may already know, ductwork could possibly prolong the entire project, in addition to the estimated time of completion. 

Testing the New HVAC System 
Once your crew has completed the installation of your new HVAC system, they will conduct pressure and vacuum tests before charging the system with a new refrigerant. After doing so, they will conduct a complete inspection of the new system to make sure all components are working as expected. Once a complete inspection is done, refrigerant is then added and the system is reactivated and retested to ensure components are working accurately with the addition of the refrigerant. 

Your assigned crew members will go over the operation of the new system and any other important information. Should you have any questions about your new HVAC unit, this is the best time to ask!

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